Monday, June 28, 2010

iOS4 on iPhone 3G Upgrade Woes....

So this weekend I tried to upgrade my iPhone 3G.  Let's just say that I still haven't done it yet.  First came the backup debacle.  I downloaded the iOS4.0 and hit the upgrade button.  After 1 hour the back up was at 1%, after 2 hours 3%, 8 hours 4% (and that's being generous).  Luckily I had something to do (ie. sleep) while it was doing all of that.  Additionally, something interesting was also noted.  The phone does not charge during the Sync or the Backup phase of the upgrade.  I could see the battery draining even though it was plugged into the computer.   I cancelled the backup and decided to delete a few things to see if that would speed things up.

First I looked at movies, podcasts and music.  I figured I could just click on iTunes to put them back in if I wanted them.  Then I turned to 3rd Party Apps that have their own ecosystem or "sand box" of saved files.  Airshare was my biggest with 1.2 gigabytes of data bound to it.  I did a local backup of all the files in Airshare and erased them from the iPhone. 

That worked.  When I hit upgrade again, the backup went much more smoothly, this time taking 10 minutes!  It then told me that it wanted to backup my Notes, calendar, phonebook etc.  I said okay.  Then I got an error stating that everything couldn't be backed up.  It then went on to ask whether it was okay to just erase the iPhone and install iOS4.0 !!!! What the heck? 

At that point, I said "No."   And I now have a faster iPhone 3G running iOS 3.3.  It seems that all of that other minutiae, you know - podcasts, music and such- actually influence the running of the machine itself in 3.0.  Pictures however do not.  I'll let you know how the back up goes.  So far, it's been very frustrating - a first for an Apple device of mine.


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