Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Crazy Time Again....AppleTV and iPad.

It's that time of the year again folks.  The time when the blogs go crazy about Apple gadgets. It would appear that Apple has conquered the calendar to coincide with earnings reports.   March for the iPad, October for the iPhone and September for the iPod.  Of course all of this is subject to change, but it would appear that the company is on track to release several major updates on time.

What I would not be expecting is a new APPLE TV.  Let me expand on that.  I am expecting an APPLE TV device, akin to the Apple TV Hockey Puck device, but I am not expecting an actual television as some have postulated.  Unfortunately, since some (to coin a phrase from one of my twitter friends) eeeeejits will assume that a real AppleTV in the form of a television is coming out, this may do crazy things to the stock after next wednesday.

But short term aside, let me express my desire for the new AppleTV, something that I am a lot more interested in than the new iPad, which I really do not need right now:

1.  Expansion of Codecs.  I've said enough about this one.
2.  Some break away from iTunes dependence so that we can read files from a Nas Drive.
3.  1080 p.   The 720 p videos are very poor when compared to the Boxxee.
4.  More on board Ram.
5.  More video "apps."   I would love a Premier League package and more access to Indy films.
6.  Cheaper cloud storage.
7.  Access to other cloud servers.
8.  Some real time use for that USB slot.   Perhaps local file reads without iTunes, for movies?

As for the iPad, I will be interested to see if, apart from the incredible screen being reported, the company announces more amazing things for this device.   Stay tuned.....

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