Monday, December 5, 2016

Another Sensor Issue.

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.   I had another sensor issue recently, this time on my iPhone 6.   However, before taking my phone back to Apple to get it fixed, I went back to one of my own articles.  Yes, in 2011 I sat down and penned an article that my iPhone light sensor issue was resolved and its cause was through no fault of Apple's but a third party cover that was turning the phone on and off.

Last week I changed my Screen cover.  I have been using Zagg covers for a while now and I dropped my phone a few months ago on concrete and cracked the Zagg glass cover.   It was supposed to be a free replacement with a $10 installation fee.  Of course, the store didn't carry it.  So they presented me with a new cover, the latest and greatest Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Luxe Screen Protector - HD.  This was supposed to be better than my present cover because it covered the entire glass and was a 2nd generation product.   This meant that instead of having a wide cutout for the sensors, this product was well positioned to round the highly sensitive areas in question.   Mmmgh, where have I heard this one before?   (Visit my 2011 blog post:  my-iphone-sensor-issue-solved.html )

The ubiquitous early covers:


So of course I decided to upgrade and pick up the beautiful new screen protector that covered all of the glass, because it was just much better than the one from a year ago.   The shop owner took about 10 minutes to flawlessly place this on my phone.   I was happy and tested out the phone in the store of course.  It was flawless and my phone looked like new again.

The following day I began to notice that I could not get the phone to come out of what appeared to be night time mode.  Although the color changed, it was still dark.  I blamed watching a movie on the phone, turning up the brightness to about 90% for the problem.  I thought my phone was finished.  I then went to the settings and turned off the automatic settings.  However the brightness never came back.

I then remembered having this problem before and remembered that it didn't start until after I replaced the screen protector.  Could it be?  Deja vu?   Before running to Apple, now 5 days within the warranty period, I took it back to the store and pointed out to the shop owner that I thought that the light sensor was being covered by the protector.  She did not think so and tried to convince me otherwise by showing me her own phone.  However that was her mistake.  I showed her that despite the both of us having the same protector, I could see the entire sensor on her phone, yet I could not on mine.  She relented and replaced it with an identical model, this time shifting the sensor part to the left.  Again, it appeared flawless and guess what?  It solved the problem.  I was happy to have this replaced and very happy that the store owner listened to me. 

The latest and greastest Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Luxe Screen Protector - HD

So, if you decide to pick up the latest and greatest Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Luxe Screen Protector - HD with its incredible form fitting design, make sure that you test it before taking it home.  Shut off your automatic light sensor in settings.  If the phone remains dim or dark then you may have a sensor problem.   Remember the light sensor is just to the left of the ear speaker.  The larger of the 3 circles.   The last time this happened it took me weeks to resolve the issue, this time only 2 days.  Hope this helps.