Thursday, August 16, 2018

RVU Calculators

RVU Calculator.

Perusing the web I found a little ditty that I thought might come in handy.  It's called The RVU Calculator.  For providers, this uses the present ICD-10 codes so that you can calculate your total RVU's.  Thanks to the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) for this freebie at 

I made an attempt to attach the actual javascript to this post, but deleted it since it doesn't seem to show up well here, so you're better off going directly to AAPC's website to calculate your daily RVU's. 

I found this tool to be quite helpful.  It is also very accurate.  For those of you budgeting, this may be a good way to look at things before scheduling a patient.   I would love to have this as an iPhone app. 

I have looked at a few apps after seeing this one online.   I recently downloaded one called RVU, aka Clinic RVU, but it didn't account for consults, Medicare transition visits, well child examinations or procedures, only clinic visit RVU's.   Given the inclusion of  Annual Wellness Visits but no physical examinations, I assumed that this was written for Internal Medicine only.  Additionally, it seems that the AMA owns the copyright to the CPT codes and will not allow them to be used "without paying a hefty licensing fee."  This was the quote from the app itself.  It's a nice start though.   Who knows, maybe I'll write one of these things and include what I need.   If only I had the time ...:).