Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Belkin Verve Folio Cover....Surprising Findings

So, a few days ago I finally received my Belkin Verve Folio from Europe.  It is a nice little cover.  It is thicker than I imagined and the blue accents make for a nice and elegant holder.  The phone fits nicely into the "pocket" and feels very secure.  I actually think that the phone could be dropped on the floor and it would be very well protected by this case. 

The first surprise that I got, and something that I think needs to be clarified, is that I ordered the Belkin Verve Folio version 2, but received version 1 of the device.  You may recall the difference between the two versions in my previous post.  I expected the worst response from this and was prepared to send it back, but after trying out the device for a few days, I am going to keep it.

The biggest issue of course is the sensor issue.  I am happy to report that this is a NON ISSUE with this version of the Verve Folio !   I am very surprised given the fact that the para-sensor setup is very similar to the SENA cases that I reviewed previously.  The latter had many problems with the sensor - showing a blank screen during phone calls.  What is more surprising is the fact that the Verve Folio case is thicker than the Sena Case  around the sensor area and it still does not affect the phone.  I have tried it out in over 10 different lighting scenarios that failed the Sena Hamilton, but there were no outages with the Belkin case.

Something that I really love about this case is the way in which the cover drops down in the back to reveal the camera.  The camera does not have to peer through a hole in the case/cover, it is fully exposed.  What this means is that if you use flash photography with the iPhone, the cover does not get in the way.  The pictures are not washed up due to "tunnel vision."  It is also not obscured by the cover which is nice.  With the weird blue tint of the inner case, you can actually do some interesting photography, such as placing the cover in such a way as to bounce the light upwards and even focus the flash a little more.  Very unique, very nice.

Although I miss the belt clip, I can live without it.  In conclusion, to say that I am very surprised is an understatement.  I was expecting the worse when I first saw the packaging and read the reviews from several sites.  But I have not had the problems that these people have had.  Additionally, although I was looking at a few different cases, I am probably going to stay with this case for a while, hopefully for the life of the phone.  The case is very nice and using my Wife Indicator, it's a winner.  So, it's two thumbs up on the ORIGINAL Belkin Verve Folio case.


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  2. Thank you for your input Divya. I know you work for Zagg, so I wish I could say lots and lots of nice things about Zagg's Invisible Shield. But as I sit here typing this, I am looking at the tattered adhesive plastic that sits on my iPhone, that has been encased for much of its life and wonder why I spent $30 getting the entire phone encased.

    But to be polite, I thank you for your input.


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