Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Macbook Pro Wish List

September 14, 2016

The Apple release of the iPhone 7 was more of a bridging event than something of a trend setting release announcement. I am not certain that the whole event couldn't have been mentioned in a press release, although the iPhone is the juggernaut that drives the Apple financial train. If the rumors are true, the tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone to be called iPhone 8 or iPhone 10 or iPhone X (if the rumor mills are to be believed) is the one to wait for next year.

However, I was not really interested in the iPhone this year. What I wanted to know was when would the new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro be released? You may have seen the rumors. The new MacBook Pros may have a new OLED replacement for the Function keys, a single USB-C port with some uncertainty about a dedicated USB-3 port. My wish is for a long battery life, a retinal display screen and a laptop that is light. I love the feel of the present MacBook Air, but the lack of a retinal display is a definite miss for these eyes. The present MacBook Pro is clunky, although it beats my current 6+ pound 2009 MacBook Pro.

The rumors for the MacBook Pro and possible retinal display MacBook Air have been around for more than a year. It's time for Apple to come out with something extraordinary and take over the laptop market again. I am very surprised that this did not happen before the new school semester started. Hopefully, we can have something that will last another 7 years.

My wish list for a new laptop:

1. A light machine (uncertain of 13" or 15")

2. Retinal Display.

3. Thin form factor (similar to the current MacBook Air)

4. No change in the keyboard (The new MacBook keyboard is disastrous).

5. USB-3. There is some concern that Apple will release only a solitary USB-C port that will double as a charge port as well as a USB port. Hopefully Apple will not make this the only port. We will need USB ports.

There is a rumor that October 2016 will be the announcement date. As of today, one can only hope so.


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